Tallis: Past, Present and Future.

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Tallis: Past, Present and Future. by Mind Map: Tallis: Past, Present and Future.

1. What is the Ethos?

1.1. Student voice

1.2. Creative learning

1.3. The arts

1.4. Working with the community

1.5. Student success

2. Who works at Tallis?

2.1. Teachers

2.1.1. Teachers at Tallis are all very educated teachers, they all try to give all their students great education.

2.2. Office Staff

2.2.1. Office staff are very welcoming members of staff, they are very helpful when it comes to calling home for when you child is ill.

2.3. Cleaning Staff

2.3.1. Cleaning staff do anything to make Tallis clean and not a messy surrounding for the students.

2.4. Site Staff

2.4.1. The site staff look out for children that don't behave or are being unreasonable to other students and staff.

2.5. Students

2.5.1. The students in Tallis are very... interesting and different. They like to express themselves and they are kind in there own way. Us students in Tallis have a different way of communicating, we have our separate groups and we enjoy the occasional rule bending. But it's all a part of our school and how we grew with the schools ethos.

3. The Future.

3.1. The new building would be finished near the end of 2011, and were going to move to it on September at the start of the year.

4. History of the School.

4.1. The current school was built in 1971, which is older than most of the teachers teaching in the school.

5. What is it like?

5.1. An old building rite now but the new building is coming up at November 2011