middle school nightmare

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middle school nightmare by Mind Map: middle school nightmare

1. I really wanted to play with my friends but i had qiuzz the next day

2. So i decided not to study for the quizz and i spent the whole day playing with my friends around the park

3. It was such a sunny beautiful day to play out with my friends

4. After i finished playing i went home and my mom had no idea i had quizz the next day

5. Then i asked her mom what would you do if i had score below A ?

6. She said it will be the worst day of your life noor

7. the next day i went school and took the quizz and scored very bad

8. The teacher called my mom and told her

9. i went home mom asked me did you have quizz today i said no mom she said lets call the teacher and find out

10. then i had to tell her the truth i will never my mom face expression that moment, she told go on that corner and stand for 2 hours then u go to one of the empty rooms stay there the whole day with your arabic book