Learning Environments

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Learning Environments by Mind Map: Learning Environments

1. Empower the "People Network" in learning environments

2. Refine Skills and Knowledge

3. Take Students to Competitions and Events

4. Use Social Media

5. Connect with other professionals

6. Stay updated in latest trends and techniques

7. Students learn collaboration with team mates

8. Attend clinics and events

9. Students can make connections

10. Increase the chance of getting a job

11. Teach students about different social media cites

12. Instructor must create professional learning networks

13. Help students make connections

14. Horse show attire

15. New horse show rules and regulations

16. New insights on instructing

17. Breed Associations

18. Visit other facilities

19. Mutual friends

20. Team Player

21. Horse Shows

22. Team mates

23. Competitors

24. Sportsmanship

25. Mutual friends

26. Other professionals

27. Connect them with who the instructor is connected with

28. Inform students about leaders in the industry

29. Make connections

30. Stay informed

31. Facebook

32. Twitter

33. Blogs

34. Instagram

35. Pintrest

36. Online connections

37. 21st Century Networking

38. Why it is important for instructors to stay updated: http://www.edutopia.org/teacher-development-introduction

39. Why sportsmanship is important in the horse industry: http://gohorseshow.com/2016/08/guide-good-sportsmanship-sportsmanship-important/

40. The importance of using social media to network:                https://www.districtadministration.com/article/social-networking-tool-student-and-teacher-learning

41. Some statistics on networking and job  placement:  http://www.recruitingblogs.com/profiles/blogs/80-of-today-s-jobs-are-landed-through-networking