Lilly Thigpen's CP Personal Presentation Planning

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Lilly Thigpen's CP Personal Presentation Planning by Mind Map: Lilly Thigpen's CP Personal Presentation Planning

1. Audience- Fullscreen Media

1.1. Business Executives

1.1.1. Also possibly the owner/CEO of a company under Full Screen that I may be directly applying to.

1.2. Promote's the creator's wellbeing

1.2.1. good benefits

1.2.2. casual work environments


1.3. They manage a lot of creators (70,000+), in other words originality is key

1.3.1. Looking for "true disruptors" and "big fish"

1.4. My skills, problem solving and originality (personality) is important to them.

1.5. I want to leave them thinking about my passion and unwillingness to surrender.

2. Tools

2.1. Tools needed: Macbook, Powerpoint, Slideshow clicker (if done live), Camera and video editing software (if not done live), Slide:ology textbook, Photo albums, Microsoft paint,

2.1.1. I will also be using Microsoft Paint to draw visual elements to further my story and points.

2.1.2. I will use the slide:ology textbook to help me create better slides that are visually appealing and not crammed with information. I also plan to use a panorama presentation layout.

2.1.3. For this presentation, I am opting to try and use actual photos of myself versus  clip art and other visuals.

2.1.4. Using during this brainstorming, layout process is extremely helpful. I chose this site over others due to the ability to easily color code things.

3. True Message

3.1. Basic scale: I am doing this presentation to get the job.

3.2. Bigger scale: I am doing this presentation to showcase that I am an empowered woman on a path to inspire others and change the media business for the better.

3.2.1. I am showing that women have what it takes to be great modern creators and content producers.

3.2.2. I am doing this to prove that I am extremely passionate about helping to create new-age media and create trends.

3.3. I hope the audience walks away thinking about the importance of women in the industry and what we are capable of when given the chance.

4. Beginning/Inspiration/Why

4.1. Childhood- always wanted to be Raven from Teen Titans. Spent hours playing pretend in the basement. Was totally the kid who would make the others do the same "scene" again and again until it happened like I wanted it to.

4.1.1. (use photos)

4.2. Stage lighting was my first true love- I spent my first day of stagecraft in high school rewiring par can connectors and never looked back

4.2.1. taught me to be self-directing,

4.3. Video Productions Class is high school (Mr. Jarvis)

4.4. NFFTy 2016

4.4.1. 24 hour Film competition

4.4.2. experience directing and producing under pressure

4.4.3. showcased on PBS Seattle for 2016

4.5. Did not have a lot of female roll models growing up

5. End/Aspirations/What

5.1. Be the role model to inspire other women/girls to join the industry, not just as background participants

5.1.1. Materials

5.1.2. Personel

5.1.3. Services

5.1.4. Duration

5.2. Help create content that is original and breaks boundaries

5.3. Overarching goal: First woman to win an Academy Award for Best Cinematography (no woman has ever been nominated)

5.4. To get the job

6. Middle/Qualifications/How

6.1. Full Sail University Graduate, Film, Bachelor's of Science

6.1.1. Graduated with honors

6.1.2. GPS score of 130 Extremely involved in community

6.1.3. Proficient in Adobe Cloud

6.2. Award winner

6.2.1. NFFTY Best Music Video award Schedule Budget

6.2.2. Orlando Film Festival- worked on Best Student Short KPI's

6.3. Experience

6.3.1. Camera operator on several live streaming events Trident Olympic Weightlifting Competition 2016

6.3.2. Currently working with Youtube content creators doing editing and assisting other production means

6.3.3. 4 years of video production experience

6.4. Desire to learn, grow, and contribute in a creative, collaborative environment

6.5. Started to find female roll models at film festivals and at school.

7. Obstacles

7.1. I hope there aren't any hurdles in from my audience but I am aware that there could be.

7.1.1. I have to keep in mind that I will be talking to men about inspiring women in the industry. Fullscreen Media does, however, strongly believe in women creators, however I still need to make sure that I am not being "too pushy" on the subject by effectively communicating that it is something that I directly feel a calling to do. I also need to not come off as degrading or  aggressive towards men in the industry. (Avoid the "it's all your fault" feeling)

7.1.2. My age and lack of job experience may also create some difficulty. I will focus on showcasing what I have done that was exceptional, like side projects and community involvement

7.1.3. There may also be some presentation difficulties. I am not the best public speaker. However, I do believe that if I rehearse this properly everything should go okay. I must also be prepared to still give a presentation even if technology fails me. Therefore, memorization or even note cards with bare slide titles are huge in ensuring success, no matter what.

8. Biggest Difficulty

8.1. One of the hardest parts of this presentation will actually be giving it. I have a tendency to get really nervous which causes me to talk really fast and stumble over my words. To a future employer this may look like I am not a good leader or contributor.

8.2. I will also have an issue with turning this presentation into something engaging and story-like while still keeping it to a professional level. I'm really good at turning something into a story but I like it to be exaggerated and funny. Finding a good story balance is something I will have to spend some time working on.