My Personal Writing History

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My Personal Writing History by Mind Map: My Personal Writing History

1. I love ELA!

1.1. When I learned cursive, I wrote my teacher an entire paper, connecting all the words. She was proud, even if I had made some mistakes.

1.2. Mistakes are room to grow! Writing is truly a process.

1.3. I  took TAKS writing tests. This wasn't difficult, but wasn't fun either.

1.4. I collect/keep journals.

1.5. I enjoy reading and writing.

1.6. I don't like writing about topics I dislike or find boring.

2. Student

2.1. A college professor once told me that his greatest mistake was not journaling sooner in life! Wow!

2.2. I just designed a Writing and Reading Survey based on the Garfield one for my Case Study. I created it using emojis so it will relate to my student!

2.3. I keep a planner

2.4. Due dates

2.5. To-do lists

2.6. Calendars

2.7. Testing dates

2.8. Deadlines

3. Mom-to-be

3.1. I write to plan

3.2. I journal

3.3. I keep track of important dates

3.4. Appointments, pregnancy weeks, baby showers

4. Wife

4.1. When my husband and I first started dating, we spent seven months long distance while he was in Europe. I wrote him letters for different situations like: "Open when it's your birthday!"

4.2. I plan grocery trips

4.3. I plan meals

4.4. I write notes to my husband

4.5. I pay bills

5. My Writing Future

5.1. Future ELA Teacher?

5.1.1. I would love to teach in a 5th grade ELA classroom! I hope my students will be inspired by my love for English.

5.1.2. Further educatoin - Masters?

5.1.3. Make writing enjoyable for my students

5.1.4. Find/make creative ways to teach writing.

5.1.5. I would love to design/write curriculum on Teachers Pay Teachers.

6. My Writing Present

7. My Writing Past