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Animal Army by Mind Map: Animal Army

1. Home

1.1. This page will give an overview about what the organization is about.

1.1.1. Social Media: I will have a social media link on this page so people can easily find another way to follow the organization.

2. Contact

2.1. This page will have all the basic contact info if one were need to call or email.

2.1.1. Canva Design: I will create a design that is a flyer about saving animals.

3. About

3.1. This page will have in full details about the company and every aspect of it.

3.1.1. Screencast: I will create a screencast to go over everything someone needs to know about the organization.

4. Gallery

4.1. This page will have photos of animals that are in need of help. It was also has photos of animals who have been adopted and are happy.

4.1.1. Digital Photo Editing: There will be edited photos on this page to enhance the website.

5. Help Today

5.1. This page will have numerous ways to help save animals so people have all the information they need.

5.1.1. Google Form: There will be a google form for people to fill out to find out how they want to help that day and what suits them the best.

6. Stories

6.1. This page will have stories of animals who have been saved or need to be saved.

6.1.1. Video: There will be a video on this page that is about a story of an animal in need.

6.1.2. App: I will be making an app that is filled with stories that people can read.