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Skincare by Mind Map: Skincare

1. Home

1.1. The home page gives brief descriptions of the many uses and benefits of skincare items and lays down the foundation for my site along with helpful insight about the mission at hand paired with must haves of the week and countdown to releases for popular products.

1.1.1. Logo will be kept clean and simple but be the main focus of this section, while also making an appearance on other tabs.

1.1.2. Photo editing that will display slideshows of the products in the selections along with small snippets about them/ratings.

2. About

2.1. My about page goes over the reasons and explanations of why skincare is important and why the need to follow it based on specific balances in ones skin is vital as a whole, while maintaining a clean design.

2.1.1. Screencast that does a quick overview of my site, its products, and its purpose all in a short compact way.

3. Contact

3.1. The contact information will give personal ways to get in touch with me and various apps that those who want to can utilize to browse personal skincare tips and opportunities through these connections.

3.1.1. QR Code that those who are interested in talking with me or viewing other accounts can scan from the computer to their phones, and also a drop down menu for those on mobile.

4. Customer testimonials

4.1. On this specific tab there will be various pictures and comments from users while listing their skin types, colors, and allergies so that way people can see what other do and do not recommend so that they can make a educated purchase.

4.1.1. Photo editing that also includes a graphic design of a simple layout that separates these testimonials by their attributes and the type of skincare product used in a list type fashion.

5. Skincare products

5.1. This section will serve as a drop down menu so that people who visit my site can go through and see the many different types of skincare that exist. Varying from face masks to cleansers and toners and the like. Along with comment sections and ratings.

5.1.1. App design along with the website that will allow users to browse and get accurate descriptions of products and their types along with real verified reviews.