A developmental perspective

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A developmental perspective by Mind Map: A developmental perspective

1. A critical... or a sensitive period?

1.1. Focuses

1.1.1. Psycho-social dimensions

1.2. Psychosocial risks

1.2.1. Comes from Young children Deprived of

2. Implications of neuroscience

2.1. Recognising

2.1.1. Early years (developmental ‘prime-time’) Children’s physical growth is also very rapid

2.1.2. Physical maturation Extended process

2.1.3. Human neurological development Secure stimulating and responsive care Can be achieved through Wide range of family settings Child care practices Pedagogic approaches

3. The formative years of life

3.1. Intervention

3.1.1. Social

3.1.2. Economic

3.1.3. Other adversities

3.2. Repercussions

3.2.1. Curriculum and Pedagogical assumptions Developmental appropriateness Economic theories Human capital Political theories of social justice

4. A time of vulnerability…and resilience?

4.1. Effects on children’s

4.1.1. Material deprivations

4.1.2. Disrupted

4.1.3. Distorted and abusive relationships

4.1.4. Conflict

4.1.5. Displacement and forced migrations

4.2. Individual qualities

4.2.1. Help children cope Temperament Resourcefulness Flexibility Age and maturity Social competence

4.3. Resilience (or invulnerability)

4.3.1. Has been widely applied Children appear better able to cope Stress than their more vulnerable peers