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Structure by Mind Map: Structure

1. Members

1.1. Vasu Srivastava

1.2. Tushar Jamwal

2. Notes

3. Components

3.1. Chassis

3.1.1. Brackets

3.1.2. Head Restraint

3.2. Fixtures

3.3. Torsion jig

3.4. Impact Attenuator

3.4.1. Anti-Intrusion Plate

3.4.2. Mounting

3.5. Firewall

4. Collaboration

4.1. Management

4.1.1. College Letter for borrowing welding helmet and gloves

4.1.2. Companies Plascore Magod Evonik DEI Motorsports Heat Shield Products

4.1.3. Procurements Chassis and Fixtures Tubes Steel Plates Rollbar Padding Seat Insert Foam Torsion Jig Rectangular Tubes Dial Gauges Weights Impact Attenuator Attenuator Aluminium Plates Steel Plate Firewall Aluminum Plate Fire Resistant Sheet Fire Resistant Tape Fasteners Quaterturn Eye bolts Miscellaneous Grommets Aluminum Tape Nylon Tape

4.1.4. Services Welding Machine repairs

4.2. Composites

4.2.1. Egress Side Panels

4.2.2. Bodywork (FSG)

4.3. Engine

4.3.1. Exhaust Manifold design

4.4. Aerodynamic

4.4.1. Wing mountings

4.4.2. Undertray Mounting

4.5. Bell crank, Damper and steering column fixtures

4.6. Vehicle Dynamics

4.6.1. Front Suspension

4.6.2. Wheel Hub design

4.7. Transmission

4.8. Electronics