Success Metrics for YAI

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Success Metrics for YAI by Mind Map: Success Metrics for YAI

1. Category: Operational / Infrastructure / Methods

1.1. Research Question: How are you growing food?

1.1.1. Goal: Farmers use sustainable / efficient farming methods Mulching Planting methods Tunnels Long Term Impact: Increased viability of urban farming

1.1.2. Goal: Reduce natural resource usage Long Term Impact: Reduced enviornmental impact

2. Category: Community / Economic Development

2.1. Research Question: What are the long term benefits to the community?

2.1.1. Goal: Job creation Farmers Agri-ambassadors Entreprenuers Food transport logistics Long Term Impact: Economic development in the community

2.1.2. Goal: Social development Education Health Long Term Impact: Increased quality of life

3. Category: Agricultural Performance / Output

3.1. Research Question: How much food are you growing

3.1.1. Goal: Increase amount of food grown locally Food consumed Food waste Crop types Long Term Impact: Reduced reliance on food aid

4. Category: Financial Performance

4.1. Research Question: How much money do you make?

4.1.1. Goal: Increase profitability of farming Output vs expenses Cost of production Food quality Seasonal price of food Long Term Impact: Reduced poverty levels

4.1.2. Goal: Attract entrepreneurs Long Term Impact: Increased youth interest in farming