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Business Idea by Mind Map: Business Idea

1. Left Handed Only Items

1.1. 2,5000 left-handed people die a year from using right-handed things.

1.2. This website will allow companies to order the correct items for left-handed people.

1.3. People can order things from the website also not just companies.

2. Using in school

2.1. Tons of kids in school have to use all the right handed things in the class room.

2.2. Left handed desk would be great to have as a student or even left handed scissors.

2.3. People do not buy these things because they are usually only sold for right handed people and there aren't as many left handed people as right handed people.

3. Left handed tools

3.1. Some tools are difficult to use because they are made for right handed people. Even though we can adapt it would be nice and quicker if it was made left handed to begin with.

3.2. In the military guns are made right handed. Left handed either have to adapt or ask for a special left handed gun and they might not get because they don't make it. It would be great to supply soldiers with left handed side arms.

3.3. Also for children left handed sports equipment is not common in stores.