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1. location

1.1. TULC

1.2. Broga

1.3. Desa Park City

2. actors

2.1. Yue Li

2.2. Thivitaa

2.3. Jun

2.4. Janean

2.5. Alice

3. Main Idea

3.1. helping others (paying it forward)

3.1.1. Helping orphanage

3.1.2. Opening doors for others

3.1.3. Volunteering

3.2. being happy and content with small, meaningful moments and things

3.3. saying good morning to parents

3.4. enjoying morning drive and loving the morning sun

3.5. roadtrip

3.5.1. With friends

3.5.2. With family

3.5.3. Alone

3.6. enjoying food

3.6.1. Local

3.6.2. International

3.6.3. homecook

3.7. hiking as friends

3.8. being goofy on snapchat

3.9. Spending time with loved ones

3.9.1. taking photos together

3.9.2. baking

3.9.3. watching movie

3.9.4. going grocery

3.9.5. having dinner together as a family every weekend

3.10. wall of memories

3.10.1. age of life love ones places activites

3.11. dream

3.11.1. Philantrophist Provide job opportunities to those who are in poverty Stable income Basic health care Education Career Support family Alleviate the cycle/growth of poverty

3.11.2. Travel the world Making an impact/difference in peoples life from all around the world building a well learn different languages learn and experience different cultures Spreading the word of God finding yourself

3.11.3. be an inspiration motivational speaker a reminder Life briefs candle Money is the root to all evil

3.11.4. to be able to give back to your parents parents will be able to retire early and not worry financially

4. director

4.1. Thivitaa

5. Producer

5.1. Alice

6. other ideas

6.1. 1. Addiction to social media

6.1.1. constantly on social media till take your surrounding for granted

6.1.2. missing out on being physically there for your loved ones

6.1.3. constantly tired due to being on your portable devices

6.1.4. fail to engage in real conversation with other people

6.2. 2. no smoking campaign

6.2.1. begins with a youngster who's a heavy smoker

6.2.2. his parents often advice him to stop smoking

6.2.3. later on got into a big argument when mom finds cigarette in room

6.2.4. few months later, grandfather dies from lung cancer due to being a heavy drinker and smoker

6.2.5. saw own grandfather on death bed

6.2.6. regrets and repents

6.3. 3. thrill seekers

6.3.1. constantly having the need for adrenaline rush

6.3.2. finds joy in speeding on the road

6.3.3. but ended in a car crash that lead to paralysis

6.3.4. begins to reflect on life and the true meaning of only being able to live once

6.3.5. near death experience as wake up call to truly treasure life

7. Setting

7.1. Day time