What's technology?

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What's technology? by Mind Map: What's technology?

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2. I think...

2.1. Technology is hard to describe, but from my understanding and from what I believe, technology is not only what we hold into our hands but all that includes some type of non-human intelligence described as the "information component of technology" according to Kumar. (Kumar, 1999)

2.2. The information component of technology “consists of know-how in management, marketing, production, quality control, reliability, skilled labor and functional areas.” (Kumar, 1999)

3. References

4. What I think now and what I've learned...

4.1. Technology is the most powerful thing that humans have it, it give us the power and potential to live, based in Kevin Kelly TED Talk "technology is anything useful invented by a mind." (T, 2010)

4.1.1. Kevin Kelly TED Talk

4.2. Without technology we would probably not survive, making us vulnerable and powerless. It accelerates the process of life, progress our life and that  can be something that scares people the most about technology.

4.3. There is no bad technologies, but there is better ideas of how to use it, as an example; "hardware technology if putted in the right set of action can be a way of doing things with a unique technique" (Dyer, 2009) that will increase the potential of the technology used.

5. Old technology VS New technology

5.1. My creative aspect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXlWPnBeP9s

5.2. What I did?

5.2.1. Created a video showing the technology back in the day and stating how we now depend so much on it.

5.3. Why this is creative?

5.3.1. Never used Powtoon before.

5.3.2. Took a risk to do it on video.

6. Technology as Hardware

6.1. Basically any type of technology that man created. "Could be a clock, a shovel, a laptop, a belt, a thermometer, a can of root beer."(Dyer, 2009)

7. Technology as Manufacturing

7.1. This technology is everything that goes beyond of the technology we hold in our pockets. "The people running the machines to the electrical grid powering the plant to the legislation passed that regulates the industry. This conception of technology was largely non-existent before the Industrial Revolution." (Dyer, 2009)

8. Technology as Methodology

8.1. Is the know-how behind all the technology created. Is a technique that creates a process for all the things we have. "In doing so, we are putting together a set of actions, and making it a way of doing things – a technique." (Dyer, 2009)

9. Technology as a social Usage

9.1. For these days, this technology is the one basically on top of all technology.  "On top of and intimately connected to the hardware, the underlying manufacturing, and even the technological knowledge." (Dyer, 2009)

10. What I understand about technology now

10.1. Technology is not only the phone on our pockets and our electronic devices. It goes beyond of things that we can imagine, affects our society in a broad range. Having a better understanding of it, help us to be more careful on our future decisions about how to use in our favor.