Collaboration: Questions to ask before implementation

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Collaboration: Questions to ask before implementation by Mind Map: Collaboration: Questions to ask before implementation

1. Improving Collaboration Increases Customer Value Proposition

1.1. Could we generate recurring revenues by converting products into services?

1.2. Could we better integrate our products and services?

1.3. Which additional customer needs could we satisfy?

1.4. What complements to or extension of our Value Proposition are possible?

1.5. What other jobs could we do on behalf of customers?

2. Cost / Revenue opportunities through better Collaboration

2.1. Can we replace one-time transaction revenues with recurring revenues?

2.2. What other elements would customers be willing to pay for?

2.3. Do we have cross-selling opportunities either internally or with partners?

2.4. What other Revenue Streams could we add or create?

2.5. Can we increase prices?

2.6. Where can we reduce costs?

3. Infrastructure Opportunities through Collaboration

3.1. Could we use less costly resources to achieve the same result?

3.2. Which key resources could be better sourced from partners?

3.3. Which Key Resources are under-exploited?

3.4. Do we have unused intellectual property of value to others?

3.5. Could we standardize some Key Activities?

3.6. How could we improve efficiency in general?

3.7. Would IT support boost efficiency?

3.8. Are there outsourcing opportunities?

3.9. Could greater collaboration with partners help us focus on our core business?

3.10. Are there cross-selling opportunities with partners?

3.11. Could partner Channels help us better reach customers?

3.12. Could partners complement our Value Proposition?

4. Improving Customer Interface Opportunities using Collboration

4.1. How can we benefit from a growing market?

4.2. Could we serve new Customer Segments?

4.3. Could we better serve our customers through finer segmentation?

4.4. How could we improve channel efficiency or effectiveness?

4.5. Could we integrate our Channels better?

4.6. Could we find new complementary partner channels?

4.7. Could we increase margins by directly serving customers?

4.8. Could we better align Channels with Customer Segments?

4.9. Is there potential to improve customer follow-up?

4.10. How could we tighten our relationships with customers?

4.11. Could we improve personalization?

4.12. How could we increase switching costs?

4.13. Have we identified and "fired" unprofitable customers? If not, why not?

4.14. Do we need to automate some relationships?