Native American Culture by Region    By: William Walling-Sotolongo

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Native American Culture by Region    By: William Walling-Sotolongo by Mind Map: Native American Culture by Region    By: William Walling-Sotolongo

1. North and North West

1.1. PRESENT DAY BOUNDRIES:Alaska down the coast to Washington State USA

1.1.1. Alaska down the coast to Washington State USA

1.2. MAJOR TRIBES:Inuit, Aleut, Kwakiutl, Chinook

1.3. RESOURCES USED:Ice, hunted fish, Large mammals like walrus, polar bear, caribou, etc., used dogs for pulling sleds and other things, trees used for fires and as building material.

1.4. METHODS OF SURVIVAL/SUBSITENCE: Followed seasonal migration of deer and other hunted animals.  Many villages were established by on fishing and hunting.  Log homes and homes with animal skin lining the outside are common. When out on a trip and they need shelter the build igloos of snow and ice.

1.5. CULTURAL PRACTICES/RELIGION:Carved totems (wooden poles) of ancestral spirits.  Often hosted potlachs in which hosts would give away most of their belongings as gifts.

2. West and South West

2.1. PRESENT DAY BOUNDRIES:Parts of the four corners and the northern parts of Central America

2.2. MAJOR TRIBES:Hupa, Miwok, Yokuts, Paiute, Shoshone, Ute, Hopi, Zuni, Anasazi, Apache, Navajo

2.3. RESOURCES USED: Maize, Beans, Squash. Adobe Clay, Trees, Dirt.

2.4. METHODS OF SURVIVAL/SUBSITENCE: Food Sources are Plentiful in the west and there was no need for farming but southwest not as much food and only small animals so they farmed maize, squash and beans. Some of the natives built adobe homes of the side of cliffs called pueblos other structures made dirt and wood. Others were nomadic of robbed other villages for living.

2.5. CULTURAL PRACTICES/RELIGION: Natives would live in family groups of 50-300 people. Some Native Americans in this region would paint cave paintings. Some of the dolls they made would represent different cikirs depending on what color they were mad eif

3. Great Plains

3.1. PRESENT DAY BOUNDRIES: South from Canada into Texas with rockies to the west and Mississippi Valley to the east

3.2. MAJOR TRIBES:Blackfoot, Arapajo, Mandan, Pawnee

3.3. RESOURCES USED: All parts of the Buffalo for food, clothes, teepees, shields, and more. They also used trees for fire and Wood, cliffs for killing buffaloes, bows, spears, corn, squash, beans, feathers.

3.4. METHODS OF SURVIVAL/SUBSITENCE:Hunted deer, elk, buffalo, and other game. Would live in teepees or homes made of dirt. Some plains natives farmed corn, squash and beans and others would normally be nomdic

3.5. CULTURAL PRACTICES/RELIGION:They would perform ceremonies/ dances to celebrate events or to please spirits. One of the dances was the buffalo dance, to attract the buffalo to the area of their home.

4. Northeast and Southeast

4.1. PRESENT DAY BOUNDRIES:From new england area west until michigan and south until florida and louisiana

4.2. MAJOR TRIBES:Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Algonquian, Iroquois, Wampanoag

4.3. RESOURCES USED:  Hunted fish and other animals like dear and bears to rabbits depending on availability, trees for wood, buildings and fires. Also they gathered foods like tubers from the forest and they collected maple syrup.

4.4. METHODS OF SURVIVAL/SUBSITENCE:  In the south the natives would farm and in the north the natives relied on hunting and gathering. Some of them would trade. Would build canoes out wood with a method of hollowing out with fire, after they would it to fish or cover distances over water

4.5. CULTURAL PRACTICES/RELIGION:  Their Tribe would be lead by a council. They used strings of beads (wampum) as currency. They would live in groups of families with average of about 5 families per long house and about 5-10 fires.