Native American Regions By Aaryan Bhatt and Matthew Atwell

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Native American Regions By Aaryan Bhatt and Matthew Atwell by Mind Map: Native American Regions By Aaryan Bhatt and Matthew Atwell

1. North and North West Regions

1.1. Major Tribes

1.1.1. Inuit, Aleut, Kwakiutl, Chinook

1.2. Present day Boundaries

1.2.1. Alaska down the coast to Washington State USA

1.3. Resources Used

1.3.1. Ice, fish, Large mammals, dogs, trees used for fires and housing

1.4. Methods of Survival/ Subsistence

1.4.1. Followed seasonal migration of deer.  Many villages were established by on fishing and hunting.  Log homes were built as well.

1.5. Cultural Practices/ Customs

1.5.1. Carved totems (wooden poles) of ancestral spirits.  Often hosted potlachs in which hosts would give away most of their belongings as gifts.

2. West and SouthWest Region

2.1. Present Day Boundaries

2.1.1. The boundary for west and southwest  america is the south part of the USA west of the Rocky Mountains.

2.2. Major Tribes

2.2.1. Hupa, Miwok, Yokuts, Paiute, Shoshone, Ute, Hopi, Zuni, Anasazi, Apache, Navajo

2.3. Resources Used

2.3.1. Corn, Beans, Squash, Goats, Sheep, and Sunflower seeds were some of the resources they ate.  They used clay to make their houses called pueblos.

2.4. Methods of survival / subsitence

2.4.1. They grew corn , beans ,squash, melons and peaches that require less water to grow.  Some tribes ate rabbits, chickens, and turkeys.  Irrigation was necessary for the crops.

2.5. Cultural practices / customs

2.5.1. There were many pieces of art and jewelry turquoise being a favorite of the region.  A tradition by the hopi tribe was nit to name there kid until they were 20 days old because it was such a sacred honor

3. Great Plains

3.1. Present Day Boundaries

3.1.1. The Eastern border is made up by The Mississippi River. The Western border is made up by the Rocky Mountains. The North slightly extends into Canada.  The Southern Border is terminated by Gulf of Mexico

3.2. Major Tribes

3.2.1. Blackfoot, Arapajo, Mandan, Pawnee

3.3. Resources Used

3.3.1. The biggest resource the Native Americans had were the vast numbers of buffalo.  Once they killed a buffalo they would use every part of it.

3.4. Methods of Survival/ Substisence

3.4.1. The Great Plains Native Americans were nomadic herders.  They would fallow where the herd of buffalo would be.  They would eat the meat, use the bones for shelters, and use the hides to cover the shelter making the buffalo the major resource they used.

3.5. Cultural Practices/ Customs

3.5.1. The great plains native americans all believed in the great spirit.  The Sioux called this spirit Wakan Tanka.  An important ceremony is called the sun dance where the natives would pierce themselves to get closer with the spirit.

4. North East and South East

4.1. Present Day Boundaries

4.1.1. The boundaries is everything west of the Mississippi and south of Canada.

4.2. Major Tribes

4.2.1. Southeast: Cherokee, Creek, Seminole. Northeast: Algonquian, Iroquois,

4.3. Resources Used

4.3.1. Corn, beans, dried fruit, pumpkins, nuts, red cedar trees, forests, and mountains are some of the resources

4.4. Methods of survival / subsitence

4.4.1. Northeast: Hunted, fished, farmed Southeast: Hunted, farmed

4.5. Cultural practices / customs

4.5.1. Northeast Blood ceremony:  Southeast: Believed in a great spirit