Mental Illness

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Mental Illness by Mind Map: Mental Illness

1. Mothers with mental illness are still able to harbor a child; some become afflicted prior or after child birth, while others may suffer from ailments of mental illness during their pregnancy (i.e. due to their hormonal changes). An example of an extreme case: Andrea Yates.

2. Cultural Beliefs and Biases:

3. Social Roles:

4. Social Inequalities:

5. Existing Social Condition:

6. Individuals suffering from mental illness can vary in their social roles such as a worker.

7. Suspicion from society on the caretakers ability to properly raise a child.

8. Society's doubts of the mentally ills capability of working properly.

9. Some culture and religion still believe that mental illness is a result of ‘demonic possession’. Likewise, it is also thought to be a weakness of an individual.

10. Increase in crime proportional to the increase in numbers of people diagnosed as mentally ill.

11. Increase in the rate of unemployment and homelessness correlating to the inability for the mentally ill to maintain their job.

12. The American culture thinks that if an individual suffers from any type of mental illness, they are/need to be/should be on medication to control their symptoms.