Comparison of Bilingual Education and SEI Models

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Comparison of Bilingual Education and SEI Models by Mind Map: Comparison of Bilingual Education and SEI Models

1. Structured English Immersion

1.1. Goals

1.1.1. Teaching English

1.1.2. Academic Achievement

1.2. Strategies

1.2.1. Classroom Content

1.2.2. SEI Classroom Entry & Exit

1.2.3. Student Grouping for SEI Classroom Additional Factors for student grouping

1.2.4. Teacher Qualification Requirements

1.3. Classroom Practices

1.3.1. SEI Classroom Language Use

1.3.2. SEI Class Objectives

1.3.3. SEI Classroom Materials & Testing

1.3.4. SEI Classroom Instructional Methods

1.3.5. Assessment

1.3.6. SEI Teacher Training

2. English language acquisition for the ELL Student.

3. Bilingual Education

3.1. Goals

3.1.1. Teaching English

3.1.2. Academic Achievement

3.1.3. Acculturating Immigrants

3.1.4. Preserving Linguistic Culture & Heritage

3.1.5. English speakers learning second language

3.1.6. National language resources.

3.2. Strategies

3.2.1. ESL Instruction

3.2.2. Sheltered Subject Matter Teaching

3.2.3. Instruction in the students native language.

3.3. Classroom Practices

3.3.1. Use of Group Activities

3.3.2. Content Based Language Instruction

3.3.3. Maintain a positive attitude with all students

3.3.4. Set clear expectations about when to use each language.

3.3.5. Allow students to translanguage.