Post Discussion of Task 5

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Post Discussion of Task 5 by Mind Map: Post Discussion of Task 5

1. Learning Goals

1.1. 1. To what extent are models used by managers?

1.1.1. Older Generation - Using it but unknowingly

1.1.2. Newer Generation - Applying theoretical knowledge of models to their firm

1.2. 2. Different Types of Managers and their functions?

1.2.1. a. General Manager (Head of a Unit)

1.2.2. b. Functional Manager Line Manager Staff Manager

1.2.3. c. Project Manager (Head of a temporary team to carry out a new project)

1.2.4. d. Entrepreneur (Mobilizes/Secures resources for profit)

1.3. 3. What are Tangible/Intangible assets?

1.3.1. Tangible Assets - Physical assets owned by a firm. Example - People, Capital

1.3.2. Intangible Assets - Non-physical assets of a firm. Example - Information and Knowledge

1.4. 4. How to apply theory of learning from the past for the future?

1.4.1. Innovation from existing ideas

1.4.2. Learn from past mistakes

1.5. 5. How can managers combine models to be as efficient as possible?

1.5.1. Customer Interaction - Human Relations model

1.5.2. Innovative Oriented Firm - Rational goal Model

1.5.3. Legal Firms - Internal Process Model

1.6. 6. Different Types of Models used by managers

1.6.1. Rational Goal Model

1.6.2. Internal Process Model

1.6.3. Human Relations Model

1.6.4. Open Systems Model