Body Systems

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Body Systems by Mind Map: Body Systems

1. Muscular System

1.1. Cardiac-Muscle that pumps blood into blood vessels

1.1.1. Heart-pumps blood

1.2. Skeletal- muscle that moves skeleton

1.3. Smooth/Visceral- Muscle that moves fluid through tubes in digestive system

2. Lymphatic System

2.1. Lymph-Fluid containing white blood cells that fight infection

2.2. Thymus- Produces T-cells(WBC's) that fight infection

2.3. Spleen- Filters blood, stores RBC's, and helps detect foreign substances

3. Circulatory System

3.1. Blood Vessels-Carries blood to all tissues of the body

3.2. Heart- Pumps blood

3.3. Blood- Transports nutrients, gasses, and hormones

4. Integumentary System

4.1. Skin- Protects internal body from outside world

5. Digestive System

5.1. Small Intestine- Where most chemicals digest and nutrients are absorbed

5.2. Large Intestine- Removes water from food that cannot be digested

5.3. Stomach- Stores and mechanically mashes and disinfects food

5.4. Pancreas- Synthesis of digestive enzymes

6. Skeletal System

6.1. Bone- Provides support and protection to internal organs, and creates a system of levers that allows for movement

6.2. Ligament- Attaches bone to bone

6.3. Tendon- Attaches muscle to bone

7. Respiratory System

7.1. Bronchi- Air passageways within lungs

7.2. Trachea- Airway from mouth/nose to the lungs

7.3. Lungs- O2 and CO2 are exchanged with blood

8. Nervous System

8.1. Brain- Sends, interprets, and receives messages

8.2. Spinal Cord- Transmits neurons up into the brain

8.3. Nerves- Carries messages all over the body

9. Endocrine System

9.1. Pancreas- Secretes hormones that regulate the amount of glucose in the blood

9.2. Thyroid- Regulates growth and metabolism

9.3. Thymus- Makes T-cells that fight infection

9.4. Ovaries/Testis- Secretes hormones that regulate puberty

9.5. Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland- Regulates growth and metabolism