Americans in Space

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Americans in Space by Mind Map: Americans in Space

1. Criteria for Space

1.1. 5 feet 11 inches

1.2. Between 25 and 40 years old

1.3. 1,500 hours of flying time

2. John Glenn

2.1. Holds the highest military rank

2.2. He is the oldest at 37 years old

2.3. His mission was on January 20, 1962

2.4. 100 miles from Earth

2.5. One of the jets on his space craft fails

2.6. Over 100 million people were watching his flight in Space

3. Training

3.1. Astronauts are spun around until the pressure on their body are 16 times their weight

3.2. The Vomit Rocket is, flies up and down like a roller coaster to simulate what being in a rocket is like

4. Other 2 Americans in Space

4.1. Alan Shepard went up into space for 15 minutes for a sub-orbital flight

4.2. Gus Grissom repeats Shepard's