Body Systems

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Body Systems by Mind Map: Body Systems

1. Brain

1.1. Sends, interprets, and receives messages

2. Endocrine

2.1. Pancreas

2.1.1. Secretes hormones that regulate the amount of glucose in the blood

2.2. Hypothalamus & Pituitary Gland

2.2.1. Secretes hormones that regulate growth and metabolism

2.3. Ovaries/Testis

2.3.1. Secretes hormones that regulate puberty

2.4. Thyroid

2.4.1. Synthesis of digestive enzymes

3. Respiratory

3.1. Trachea

3.1.1. Airflow from mouth/nose to lungs

3.2. Bronchi

3.2.1. Air passage ways within the lungs

3.3. Lungs

3.3.1. Where O2 and CO2 are exchanges with blood

4. Nervous

4.1. Nerves

4.1.1. Carries messages all over the body

4.2. Spinal Cord

4.2.1. Transfers messages from nervous system to brain, conducts motor information from the body to the brain

5. Lymphatic

5.1. Spleen

5.1.1. Filters blood, stores RBCs and helps detect foreign substances

5.2. Lymph

5.2.1. Fluid containing white blood cells that fight infecton

5.3. Thymus

5.3.1. Produces T-Cells that fight infection

6. Skeletal

6.1. Bones

6.1.1. Provide support and protection to internal organs and creates a system of levers that allows for movement

6.2. Tendons

6.2.1. Attaches  muscle to bone

6.3. Ligaments

6.3.1. Attaches bone to bone

7. Digestive

7.1. Stomach

7.1.1. Stores and mechanically mashes and disinfects food

7.2. Large Intestine

7.2.1. Removes water from food that can not be digested

7.3. Small Intestine

7.3.1. Where most chemical digestion and nutrient absorption occur

7.4. Pancreas

7.4.1. Secretes hormones that regulate growth and metabolism

8. Muscular

8.1. Heart

8.1.1. Pumps blood

8.2. Smooth (visceral)

8.2.1. Muscle that moves fluid through tubes in the digestive system

8.3. Skeletal

8.3.1. Muscle that moves the skeleton

9. Circulatory

9.1. Blood Vessels

9.1.1. Carries blood to all the tissues of the body

9.2. Cardiac

9.2.1. Muscle that pumps blood into the blood vessels

9.3. Blood

9.3.1. Transports nutrients, gasses, and hormone

10. Integumentary

10.1. Skin

10.1.1. Protects internal body from the outside world

10.2. Hair

10.3. Nails