biggest. zit. ever.

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biggest. zit. ever. by Mind Map: biggest. zit. ever.

1. My Geistesblitzes

1.1. 6/21 2am: first attempt at popping

1.2. @2:10ish: zit wouldn't pop

1.3. @2:30ish: gave up

1.4. @9am: woke up to a now quarter sized zit(!)

1.5. @9:15 looked in mirror and realized it was purple

1.6. @9:30ish went to brunch w/ scarf... in 90 degree weather

1.7. @11:30ish: came home and haven't left house since

1.8. @2:45ish icing it for the bajillionth time

1.9. @3:15 still not going down

1.10. @3:23 still kinda purple

1.11. @3:57 went down a little but still really red. GROSS

1.12. @4:04: 30 min w/out icing and it's back to being purple UGH

1.13. @4:30 request for pictures. contemplating

1.14. @5:03 still mean as ever. pictures uploaded via request. SO gross

1.15. @10:10 zit is still GINORMOUS

1.16. @11:20pm still RAGIN wtf!!!

1.17. @11:37 icing again

1.18. update: i tried popping it and it's EFin GNARLY

2. contemplate POP Y or N

2.1. not pop

2.1.1. stay @ home surf the internet ice it and let it heal naturally no risk of yuckiness be called anti social

2.1.2. go out cover load on makeup don't cover don't have to buy makeup will heal faster

2.2. pop

2.2.1. google proper way Google results and links 1st result: 2nd result: ezine 3rd result: wikihow

2.2.2. go out after popping risks infection a bigger and grosser one scar (!) covering it up? makeup? bandaid? acessories not covering might scare people =|

2.2.3. necessities don't have proper tools go to store online shopping? neosporin!!! don't have any...

2.3. web-update-o-rama


2.3.2. Mind Map on mona's blogspot

2.3.3. VISUALS view at own risk!!!! You don't want anyone to see but you post pictures online for the world to see LOL

3. not give a crap

3.1. miss chance to play with Mind Map

3.2. kill time to let it heal naturally

3.2.1. good results

3.3. not miss out on weather

3.3.1. not my fault, i'm a girl!!!

3.4. hope she grows a new zit

3.5. Going outside in the sun would actually help to shrink your zit