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Sack Lunches by Mind Map: Sack Lunches
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Sack Lunches

Book Contents: Chapter1 - Why Sack Lunches

Section 1: Money

eating out costs a lot, statistics, personal experiences, interviews

gas money to drive at lunch

potential to save lots of money

grocery store vs. dining-out prices

Section 2: Time

eating out cots us time, statistics, personal experiences, interviews

normal lunch hour and productivy stats

stress levels

other things to do during your lunch hour

Section 3: Health

eating out can be really unhealthy, statistics, personal experiences, interviews

statistics and reports, interview

benefits of eating healthy


energy and life at home

Book Contents : Chapter 2 - The recipes

Section 1: Sandwiches

Recipes + Photos

Section 2: Comfort Foods

Recipes + Photos

Section 3: Pastas

Section 4: International Foods

Section 5: Salads

Section 6: Soups


Who am I

Who am I writing for

Why write this

What value does the book have to the reader


Data/ Resources

Evidences, statistics, personal experiences, interviews

Recipes + Photos, Camera


Main theme of my eBook?, Color(s), Font style(s), Types images, Illustrations, Photographys, Drawing, Diagrams