Twitter Ranking Website for Brands and Companies

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Twitter Ranking Website for Brands and Companies by Mind Map: Twitter Ranking Website for Brands and Companies

1. Functionally similar to Twitstat

1.1. But with brand/company names replacing users

2. Scan Twitter feeds for things that would rate a company

2.1. Quantitatively: “Most Buzzed/Mentioned”

2.1.1. Number of Tweet mentions Rank 1: Company A – 900,000 mentions Rank 2: Company B – 750,000 mentions Rank 3: Company C – 600,000 mentions ad infinitum (but may limit to 10 or 20)

2.2. Qualitatively: “Most Loved/Hated”

2.2.1. Specific keywords Positive “Love” “Like” “Great” “Recommended” “FTW” Negative “Hate” “Sucky” “Bad” “Not recommended” “FTL” “Horrible”

2.3. Geographically

2.3.1. By region

2.3.2. By country

2.3.3. etc.

2.4. Qualitative, Quantitative and Geographic scores would combine to form a final score

3. Features

3.1. Beginner

3.1.1. Look at Top 20 Twitter ranks across all metrics

3.1.2. Browse trends and fluctuations of rankings over a short period of time

3.2. Advanced

3.2.1. All of the above, plus:

3.2.2. Look at how competitor’s ranks rate against one’s brand For example: select an industry (ie. “running shoes”), then get a trend report for Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc. Or, choose your own competitor (ie. if my brand is Converse, I don’t want Nike’s or Adidas’ tweet report, because they play in a different space.

3.2.3. Browse trends and fluctuations, and view them in more details Quantitatively See what every user Tweeted about the brand See not only how your brand rank against competitors, but also how it progresses over a long period of time Quantitatively Not just see numbers of Tweet in that particular time period, but also see the time of day where Tweet peaks Not just see what every user Tweeted about the brand, but also their conversation threads Geographically See where most conversation about your brands happen (specific region or city)

4. Caveat

4.1. Will not work for all brands

4.1.1. Only those who has an online strategy