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Resto Shaman Course by Mind Map: Resto Shaman Course

1. Surviving - Consider using ghost wolf and riptide to heal while kiting

1.1. Whenever you're not in any danger, it's great to do this if you're able to do it. You shouldn't try to actually create this scenario, but if it occurs, you can take advantage of it

2. Surviving - Consider using your warlocks gateway

3. Surviving - Consider using healing stream when it comes off cooldown while you're being tunneled, even if you're able to freecast, because of it's mana efficient and the damage reduction

3.1. The main reason why you'd still use your healing stream totem, even if you can freecast, is because it's a much more mana efficient heal. It also provides you with a damage reduction which will lower the overall amount of healing you will need to do

4. Surviving - Consider faking even when you're low on health, as long as you have astral shift up.

4.1. Having astral shift up basically increases your effective health, which means you're safe to attempt to fake once while you have your astral shift up

5. Cooldowns - Consider using healing tide totem whenever you're expecting someone on your team (including yourself) to be taking damage while you're in cc

5.1. If you know that you're going to be cc'd, using your healing

6. Opener - Consider casting 2-3 healing waves in the opener to get your Undulation buff in order to buff your next healing wave or healing surge

6.1. By doing this you're able to get a strong heal as soon as the enemy team starts dealing damage. This is just a way of min-maxing your gameplay and getting the most out of your toolset.

6.2. This is kind of bugged so in the opener, we tend to just use two healing waves. We want to stop casting these when we're one cast away from getting our buff, just incase the enemy team does not engage.

7. Offense - Consider using skyfury totem offensively it a position where it can't be easily killed. You'll want to use this whenever your team lets you know that they are doing a lot of damage.

7.1. This means that it should either be behind a pillar, away from the enemy team, or it should be on top of a bunch of other namplates, including other totems and your teammates and pets

8. Resto Shaman Ascendancy: Frustrating Your Opponents With Counterplay!

8.1. Dispelling - Consider using your cleanse spirit on someone as soon as they get cc'd

8.1.1. Wind Shear - Consider using your wind shear to interrupt spammable cc (such as a polymorph) being used on someone else after you have already dispelled someone By stopping cc in this way, you're able to dispel, interrupt, and then by the time the cc is ready again and is used, you can use your dispel again. If interrupt straight away, and then dispel, they will be able to instantly re-cc the dispel and you won't be able to do anything to stop it

8.2. Consider using your cap totem on the enemy team whenever you can a double or triple stun

8.3. Talents - Consider playing with relentless against most teams. You only use PvP trinket against teams that can one shot you in the opener, such as demon hunter cleaves.


10. Chapter

10.1. Lesson

10.1.1. Video An Essential Guide To Healing: Do You Even Heal? Opener - Consider using earth shield and riptide on someone before the enemy team starts dealing damage Healing - Consider using your healing stream totem whenever you're expecting your team to start to take a lot of damage or if you're going to be cc'd Healing - Consider using riptide and then two healing surges over and over again when you're able to freecast A Guide To Freecasting Heals: You Won't Believe How Easy It Is! Surviving - Consider faking your casts when you're high on health but then allowing yourself to be kicked once you start to drop below 80% Surviving - Consider allowing yourself to be interrupted so that you can free cast afterwards Surviving - Consider using cap totem and casting a heal at the same time when a melee switches onto you Become The Undying! Rotate CDs And Never Die Again Surviving - Consider using astral shift to counter offensive cooldowns being used on you when you start to drop low on health Surviving - Consider using earthen shield totem when you're about to take a lot of damage from the enemy team, meaning that they can both connect, and you're not topped and don't have aura mastery up Surviving - Consider using your healing stream or healing tide totem when you're being trained if you're expecting to be stunned or interrupted Surviving - Consider using spirit-link totem to survive when you drop extremely low and will die on your next global if you use anything else Don't Kite Your Team! A Guide To Effective Kiting Surviving - Consider kiting into a position that's favourable for your team whenever you're being trained Surviving - Consider using ghost wolf to kite melee around a pillar after you've already managed to get away Surviving - Consider only using gust of wind or a warlocks gateway to get away from a warrior when they are cc'd and won't be able to instantly charge you

11. KYE