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Engagement by Mind Map: Engagement

1. Make it Meaningful

1.1. - aiming for full engagement

1.2. - If students do not find info meaningful, they may disengage

1.3. - We can connect ideas to prior knowledge/ real-life experiences for students

2. Foster a sense of Competence

2.1. This impacts students' personal evaluation of self and capabilities

2.2. The used activities should only be slightly beyond students current proficiency levels

2.3. The activities should include feedback that fosters student progress

3. Provide Autonomy Support

3.1. Welcoming students' opinions and ideas into the flow of the activities

3.2. Using informational, non-controlling language with students

3.3. Giving students the time to understand and absorb an activity by themselves

4. Embrace Collaborative Learning

4.1. When students work effectively with others, their engagement is a result

4.2. Group work promotes positive communication among students

4.3. Encouraging individual responsibility is possible by assigning each member specific roles

5. Establish Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

5.1. Displaying positive attitudes and enthusiasm

5.2. Treating students fairly

5.3. Caring about students' social and emotional needs

6. Promote Mastery Orientations

6.1. When students pursue an activity because they actively want to learn and understand

6.2. To encourage this mastery orientation mindset, consider various approaches, such as framing success in terms of learning

6.3. You can also place the emphasis on individual progress by reducing social comparison and recognizing student improvement and effort.