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1. Leadership

1.1. ISTE Standards for Teachers: States in number five that teachers will grow professionally through leadership programs and an attitude of life-long learning

1.2. Learning and Technology Policy Framework: Policy Direction 4 talks about how leaders in education create leverage within the system to incorporate technology into students everyday learning

1.3. ICT Outcomes: Students will learn leadership by solving problems and making decisions related to technology. This has direct positive effects on a students ability to lead

2. Student-centred Learning

2.1. Student centered learning is the number one policy of Learning and Technology Policy Framework

2.2. The TQS (Teaching Quality Standard) demands in point h) that teachers respect students and treat them with dignity

2.3. In the ICT curriculum, every outcome that is stated revolves around the student

3. Creativity and Innovation

3.1. The ISTE standards for students demands that the classroom is an environment where students are free to be creative, innovative, and free to express themselves

3.2. Learning and Technology Policy Framework: Policy #2 states that Teachers and Education professionals are to do research and come up with innovative ways to stay current with technology

3.3. The ISTE standards also state that students are to be innovative designers; coming up with imaginative ways to solve problems with technology

3.4. ISTE Standards for Teachers: A teachers job is to inspire the students to be creative in technology and use the right kind of technology to maximize learning

4. Knowldege

4.1. ICT Knowledge and Concepts Outcomes: students are supposed to have a knowledge of how to operate a various amount of technologies and demonstrate their understanding

4.2. ISTE Standards for Students: Students will build knowledge on key issues and begin to develop their own worldview and own ideas

4.3. Learning and Technology Policy Framework - Policy Direction 3: Talks about how techers are to constantly maintain and apply their knowledge of technology in order to be efficient and  create a good learning environment