Facts About A Pedophile

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Facts About A Pedophile by Mind Map: Facts About A Pedophile

1. Categorizing Pedophilia

1.1. Exclusive and Non-Exclusive

1.2. exclusive (only attracted to children) which is not interested with prepubescent children.

1.3. non-exclusive (attracted to children & adults)

1.4. Pedophiles Gender

1.5. many people assume that only males are pedophiles but female pedophiles does exist

1.6. male pedophiles are homosexual and bisexual in orientation to children

1.7. female pedophiles has a higher correlation sexual abuse to child compare to males

2. Pedophiles

2.1. Definition

2.2. is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children

2.3. the pedophile is at least 16 years old of age and at least 5 years older than the child

2.4. have a compulsion to abuse young children

3. Brain of Pedophiles

3.1. Abnormalities

3.2. caused by early neurodevelopmental pertubations

3.3. the deficiency of reward complication disturbs the neurotransmission of dopamine which involve in compulsive and addictive behaviours

3.4. tend to act inappropriately and exhibit poor judgment because lack ability to control their impulses

3.5. express shame and guilt after partaking in their immortal behavior because of neurological dysfunctions deal strictly with urges and not emotions

4. Is There a Cure ?

4.1. does not have a complete cure

4.2. pedophilia is a life long disorder

4.3. psychotherapy and pharmacotheraphy are the most effective treatment to someone suffering from pedophilia

4.4. therapy can helps patients identify situations may tempt them from the childhood of an abuser

5. Today's World

5.1. most people denial that pedophiles exists in community

5.2. internet has become a common hunting ground to prey on children

5.3. example is Facebook which helping pedophiles find their next victim by befriend and manipulate, trap and lure their victims and also pretend as someone else.

5.4. develop friendship with children and then arrange meeting several times and pl;aces so they can act upon and fulfill their sexual desire