Workflows Chapter

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Workflows Chapter by Mind Map: Workflows Chapter

1. Basics of Workflow

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. A workflow defines states (which are bundles of permissions for each role) for a content type, and transitions between states (guarded in terms of which roles a user must have to execute those transitions)

1.2. Workflows are security

1.2.1. A quick overview of major permissions in Plone Add (for many and several content types) Edit Delete Cut/Copy

1.2.2. Why not to just check boxes on the security tab in the ZMI

1.3. The concepts of States and Transitions

1.3.1. Guard roles

1.4. Roles

2. Changing and Remapping Workflows

2.1. A grand tour of the workflows that ship with Plone

3. Advanced: Editing Workflows

3.1. Change a guard role

3.2. Add an additional review state

3.3. Make drafts private by default

3.4. Give a new group permission to publish content

4. Example: Collaborative Workspaces