V For Vendetta - Opening Scene

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V For Vendetta - Opening Scene by Mind Map: V For Vendetta - Opening Scene

1. Preparing

1.1. The mirroring

1.1.1. Each character doing the same things

1.1.2. Applying their "face"

1.1.3. Watching TV

1.1.4. Applying their costume

1.1.5. Symmetry Same camera angles When Prothero says "Judgment" V's knives are thrust into place - linking judgment and violence.

1.2. The TV broadcast

1.2.1. Prothero talking about England's isolation Close-up on his face to emphasise his power and authority

1.2.2. Sets the dystopian scene

1.2.3. Aggressive political broadcast

1.2.4. Xenophobic Idea expanded throughout film

1.3. Walking to the meeting

1.3.1. Camera shows feet

1.3.2. Shows the characters in the same setting

2. The Rape

2.1. Evey is cornered by "fingermen"

2.2. These are the governmnet's secret police

2.2.1. They are abusing their power

2.2.2. Sets the theme of the abuse of power

2.3. Dark setting

2.3.1. Sinister tone

2.4. Mise en scene

2.4.1. the fingermens' party badges

2.4.2. V's knives Violence

3. Guy Fawkes

3.1. First told story of Guy Fawkes

3.2. The importance of a man over ideas

3.2.1. Ideas cannot love

3.2.2. Close up of Guy Fawkes.s wife crying

3.3. Sets tone of political rebellion

3.4. Voice-over from Evey

3.4.1. Introduction to the character

3.4.2. Suggests her story to come will be similar

4. The monologue

4.1. V's intro to Evey

4.1.1. Roman numerals Evey = IV Places her side by side with V

4.2. Words exclusively beginning with V

4.2.1. Shows his intelligence

4.2.2. Intellectually powerful

4.3. Another motif

4.3.1. Recurring V

4.3.2. All the way through the film

4.3.3. Becomes the emblem of the revolution

4.4. Music swells from a low hum to an intense climax

4.4.1. This is punctured, humorously, by Evey saying, "Are you, like, a crazy person?"