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Billings by Mind Map: Billings

1. Process

1.1. Time taken

1.1.1. Too labor intensive

1.1.2. Partners reviews- necessary

1.1.3. too many reviewers

1.2. Timesheets

1.2.1. categorise time

1.2.2. narrations

1.2.3. Detail on bills/timesheets

1.2.4. chasing timesheets

1.3. If engaged, do we need to comment on bills

1.4. duplication of process

1.4.1. reviews

1.4.2. authorisation

1.4.3. printing bills

1.5. lack of automation

1.6. timing of bills

1.6.1. when bill is prepared

1.7. sending bills

1.7.1. time taken to send

1.8. timesheets and categories

1.8.1. adds time to WIP preparation

1.9. paper v electronic

1.9.1. process includes too much paper

1.10. record keeping

1.10.1. paper and electronic copies are kept

1.11. invoice date...

1.11.1. debtor follow up payment methods? BPAY, Direct Debit

2. Software

2.1. functionaility of MYOB AE

2.1.1. Can be utilised better

2.2. tracking of bill status

2.2.1. Is this available in MYOB AE

2.3. automation

2.3.1. What process can be automated

2.4. email from software

2.4.1. Why cant we do this from AE

2.5. multi users

2.5.1. Can we have more than one user at a time

2.6. authorizing bills

2.7. importing bills

2.7.1. Can this be imported direct in accounting software

2.8. new software

2.8.1. What is available

2.8.2. Can greater efficiency be had

3. Client Engagements

3.1. Have Fixed Fees in place

3.2. not engaged - what to bill?

3.3. billing on completion of jobs

3.4. Can client be billed early

4. Cost v benefit

4.1. can we recover time

4.2. additional resources

4.3. billing client for preparing bills

4.4. losing chargeable staff for a day