Special Education

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Special Education by Mind Map: Special Education

1. developmental and corrective, services

2. Law

2.1. Legal Definition: provides a full continuuum of program options to meet educational and service needs of students w/ disabilities in least restrictive environment

2.2. State

2.2.1. Mass initially had higher standard ("maximum feasible benefit"), then adapted to federal in '02

2.3. Federal

2.3.1. "free and appropriate public education"

3. Purpose

3.1. identify individual strengths and challenges

3.2. enhance development

3.3. foster equity and access in all aspects of schooling, community, and society

4. Features

4.1. Individualized assessment and planning

4.2. Specialized instruction

4.3. Intensive instruction

4.4. Goal-directed instruction

4.5. research-based instructional practices

4.6. Collaborative partnerships

4.7. student performance evaluation

5. determination of a disability is ambiguous

6. determination of eligibility for services/accommodations is ambiguous