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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. helping people hear, helping people read, helping people pursue their painting career even at an old age, it helps boys walk, it helps people in poverty educate themselves and find a great future

2. To me technology is something, a form of tool that has helped us advance in the world, something that helped us achieve we thought was difficult to achieve, for example growing up I listened to music on cassettes, and it was frustrating because there was no skip button,  if you had to listen to a specific song in the cassette you would have to fast forward manually, I as a kid imagined what it would be like to listen to music , listen to certain songs when my mind felt like it. What happened afterwards over the years is unimaginable, from cassettes to disks to You tube. Amazing how fast the world travels.

3. What is technology to me

4. How has my definition changed?

5. Supporting points

6. Kevin Kelly tells us that the word technology actually came into use in 1950, which just shows that the word technology relative to human history is something modern even though its existed way before. Even with a small sense of technology, the idea of fire which helped us cook and eat, human beings from a small amount of 10,000 we suddenly exploded into life into the billions and it just shows how much even a little part of technology can help evolve us and the world to watch the video i'm referring to click the link below

7. Final Thoughts

8. Technology is the most useful form of tool in life, it helps us define, find and evolve ourselves in so many ways.  In everything we do in life, technology plays a clear role. It comes in so many forms and helps us each in our own way. A piece of paper helps a boy in a village learn how to write, an ipod helps a boy listen to his favorite music and find inspiration in creating his own band. It is so vast, and in everything we do, it helps us find ourselves

9. It’s furthered my understanding of how helpful it is to human beings. However, I didn’t realize how vastly helpful it is, how it’s helping us shape the world in ways I didn’t imagine. For instance, helping a woman hear for the first time in her life and helping people born without legs walk and play sports as shown in the NFL super bowl commercial. I also learned the evolution of technology and the depth of such a thing. From inventing the very first paper to chalkboards, to cinemas to now HD tv, also how we communicate with people through presentations as shown in the history of technology, another thing is how it first got us public education, I’ve learned that technology is not just a simple definition, it has a very deep history and a history that has entailed us to come to where we are now   To watch the commercial above click the link above To find the history of technology click the link below

10. the quote that describes where we are in the world of technology "We're still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution. " Scott Cook Reference Cook,Scott, Success Stories, march 2016, retrieved from