NATO Cyber Defence Policy Evolution

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NATO Cyber Defence Policy Evolution by Mind Map: NATO Cyber Defence Policy Evolution

1. Origins and pre-policy

1.1. 2002 Prague Summit

1.2. 2006 Riga Summit

2. 2007

2.1. Cyber attacks against Estonia's public and private institutions

2.2. Allied defence ministers agree urgent work required

2.3. Result: first Policy on Cyber Defence approved January 2008

3. 2010

3.1. Lisbon Summit: new Strategic Concept adopted

3.2. NAC tasked with developing NATO cyber defence policy and action plan

4. 2011

4.1. Defence ministers approve 2nd NATO Policy on Cyber Defence

4.2. Policy acknowledges "the context of the rapidly evolving threat and technology environment"

5. 2012

5.1. Cyber defence policy begins to be integrated into NATO Defence Planning Process

5.2. Chicago Summit: Allied leaders affirm commitment to improving cyber defence capabilities through centralisation of protection of NATO's networks

6. 2014

6.1. Wales Summit: the new cyber defence policy endorsed

6.2. Policy current under close review, ready to be "refined and updated" alongside the "evolving cyber threat"

7. 2014-2016

7.1. Ever increasing cooperation with industry and international institutions and organisations