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Global homogenization: International benchmarking by Mind Map: Global homogenization:
International benchmarking
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Global homogenization: International benchmarking

Sir Ken Robinson

Impact on Students

Drop out rate increase, Education is not seen as important, Degrees do not guarantee jobs

Number of ADHD on the rise, Students are medicated more heavily, Our world is filled with distractions, but we require students to no the distracted

Negative effect on the arts, The arts are not seen as important, Many students cannot participate in the arts because of academics, Not fostering creativity in schools


Economics, Always changing, Unpredictable, How can we prepare for the unknown?

Cultural, Success AND continue true to cultural identity


Some students don't buy in to education

Education is trying to educate the way we always have with few changes, even though the world and what is needed have changed

Yong Zhao

Context for success



different all over the world


Curriculum Narrowing, Non-core subjects get less time or cut out, Core subjects get attention, time, and resources, Teach to the test


Same education world wide leads to jobs being sent to countries with lower money demands

Curriculum will not allow for creativity among teachers to prepare students for wide range of skills., How do you predict future jobs needed to prepare for to include skills for in education curriculum?

National Governor's Association

Need for International Benchmark

World without borders, global economy

Help American students compete globally, don't compare state to state in US, but states to other countries

Most important resource falling behind, human capital-students performing lower on tests

Economic growth

How to create International Benchmark

State unity for standards and assessments

State overhaul on curriculum and resources