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Developer by Mind Map: Developer

1. Individual Development

1.1. Development skills

1.1.1. Improve knowledge about Cloud

1.1.2. Improve Frontend ( specific skills will be defined by TLs and developer at the time as expectation from client )

1.1.3. Improve Backend ( specific skills will be defined by TLs  and developers at the time as expectation from client )

1.1.4. Automation Selenium, PhantomJS

1.2. Lead

1.2.1. Leadership Strength-based leadership (Strength Finder 2.0) First Break All The Rules

1.2.2. Communication English Non-violent communication (NVC)

2. Performance Agreement

2.1. Obtain KBB product knowledge

2.1.1. Participate in all required trainings, capable of applying and sharing product knowledge after training

2.1.2. Understand and remember all flows from various product areas

2.1.3. Able to actively join discussions on requirements

2.2. Obtain knowledge and experience on required technology stack

2.2.1. Frontend JavaScript, Unit Testing (Mocha, Karma) NodeJS, Lint, Mustache template, Gulp CSS, HTML, SCSS, Flex, Bootstrap

2.2.2. Backend C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API SQL Server Unit Testing (Moq Mock), DI (StructureMap) Automation: Selenium, PhantomJS

2.2.3. Tools: Visual Studio, Sublime

2.2.4. Source control: Git, Mercurial.

2.3. Perform development tasks

2.3.1. Task out, estimate, log work correctly and conduct code reviews

2.3.2. Deliver good quality work <= 1 critical/high bug per month per person 80% First Approve for code review per month per person xx% Unit test coverage Follow development standards defined by KBB and KMS: coding standards, branching, build...

2.4. Actively participate in all Scrum events and follow all predefined Scrum processes

2.5. Communicate effectively with team and client via discussions and emails

2.6. Organize/participate in team activities

2.6.1. Knowledge sharing

2.7. Support utilization goal: at least 6.5 productive hours/day per individual and project goal of 100% contractual hours


2.8.1. Organize meetings Team activities ( solution review, technical sharing knowledge,code review)

2.8.2. People Management Mentor team member about technical perspective Goals and career development

2.8.3. Leading Development Effort Make sure team perform solution review effectively Arrange workloads among team members to support client release on-time with good quality Coordinate effectively with onsite lead about high/critical issues Monitor team to follow KBB standards: coding standard, unit test,build , Bugzzila..) Identify risks and work with higher manager for mitigation/contigency plan Actively find out approach to improve team technical skill as expected from client