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Recreational Gymnastics Event Maps by Mind Map: Recreational Gymnastics Event
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Recreational Gymnastics Event Maps


Beam Training

Recreational students spend all of their time on low beams.  Instead of moving them up to higher beams where there is more risk of injury, we elect to progress to more complicated skills on lower beams as the athletes progress.

Skill List - Weeks 1.3.5

Skill List - Weeks 2.4.6

Beam Gen Class Clips


Vault Training

Skill List - Weeks 1.3.5

Skill List - Weeks 2.4.6


Floor Training

Floor Blown Up Document - Skill List


Vault Training

Skill List for Printing


Week 7&8

Review Week 1-4 Curriculum

Without Technique

Stress Fastest One Game

Move Quickly through skills

Archive (outdated)

4 & 9 Evaluation Week

1 & 6 Evaluation Week, go over only yellow highlighted skills for this week, The skills are also marked with a purple flag, White belts have no evaluation. They should continue with their normal curriculum, Notes, 2&6 Evaluation Week

Notes, 3 & 7 Evaluation Week


Tramp Training

Tramp Skill List