Early Hawai'i_Power_Kalakaua_Index

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Early Hawai'i_Power_Kalakaua_Index by Mind Map: Early Hawai'i_Power_Kalakaua_Index

1. Instructions

1.1. Click on the "bullseye" icon next to a topic to open things up; click on the link icons to link to other maps, topics, and multimedia; read the map from top to bottom, and from left to right. Wander and wonder!

2. Google

2.1. Google Scholar

3. Start Here: Aspects

3.1. Google Translate

3.2. timeline: history of Hawaii

3.3. color coding

3.3.1. main points

3.3.2. proper nouns or adjectives

3.3.3. places

3.3.4. time reference

3.3.5. insights and ideas

3.4. Hawai'i: A World Apart

3.5. Art Gallery

3.5.1. Satoru Abe

3.6. sugar

3.6.1. the first permanent plantation in... the islands founded on...

3.6.2. plantations four of the main islands are started within... so

3.6.3. pressure from foreign-born politicians is exerted on... the king... and... the chiefs... American influence in the... Hawaiian government

3.6.4. the U.S. import tariff on... sugar from... Hawaii

3.7. Kamehameha III

3.7.1. 1854

3.7.2. Art Gallery John Webber

3.7.3. wants to lower... the tariffs... being paid out to the...

3.7.4. proposes... a policy of reciprocity between... the countries

3.7.5. shows... the two U.S. officers around the...

3.7.6. relents to the... Great Mahele following... the distribution of land titles concept Google Bing Images Bing Videos AskJeeves DuckDuckGo

3.7.7. Google Google Scholar

3.7.8. Bing Images

3.7.9. Bing Videos

3.7.10. AskJeeves

3.7.11. DuckDuckGo

3.8. William Charles Lunalilo

3.8.1. Art Gallery Reuben Tam

3.8.2. sixth king of Hawai'i not of... the Kamehameha line

3.8.3. are content to let... Charles Reed Bishop a foreigner owns... rises in... proposes... Google Bing Images Bing Videos AskJeeves DuckDuckGo run...

3.8.4. Google Google Scholar

3.8.5. Bing Images

3.8.6. Bing Videos

3.8.7. AskJeeves

3.8.8. DuckDuckGo

3.9. American control of Hawai'i

3.9.1. is considered vital for... the defense of... the west coast of the United States

3.10. Lunalilo

3.10.1. cancels... negotiations... November 1873 and returns to...

3.10.2. the legislature is empowered by... the constitution

3.11. sugar production

3.11.1. Art Gallery Cornelia McIntyre Foley

3.11.2. expands from... 12,000 acres of farmland... after... to...

3.11.3. Art Gallery Masami Teraoka

3.12. Kalākaua

3.12.1. the new ruler

3.12.2. travels to the... United States 1874 - 1875 for...

3.12.3. pressured by... the U.S. government to surrender...

3.13. Congress

3.13.1. agrees to the... Reciprocity Treaty of 1875 for... United States Google Bing Images Bing Videos AskJeeves DuckDuckGo

3.14. Art Gallery

3.14.1. Helen Thomas Dranga

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