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cells by Mind Map: cells

1. cell theory

1.1. all living things are composed of one or more cells

1.2. The cell is a basic unit of life

1.3. All cells come from pre- existing cells

1.4. The cell theory is true for all living cells regardless of how big or how complex it is

2. unicellular organisms

2.1. has one cell

2.2. they are called microorganisms because it can only be seen by a microscope

2.3. most unicellular organisms live around water

2.4. examples are euglena, bacteria , fungi and paramecia

3. multicellar organisms

3.1. has more than one cell

3.2. starts as a unicellular organisms

3.3. every cell has one job

3.4. diffrent types of cells are tissue cells, organ cell, and organ system cells

4. plat and animal cells

4.1. all plant and animal cells contains a watery fluid called cytoplasm

4.2. cell membrane is like the skin of the cell

4.3. nucleus stores the genetic information that directs all cells