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Tenses REVIEW by Mind Map: Tenses REVIEW

1. going to

1.1. We used it in plans, Intentions and Predictions with evidence.

1.2. FORM:  Afirmative sentences: Subject+Verb to be + going + infinitive + complement .Negative sentences: subject + am/is/are + going to + verb + negative auxiliary . Interrogative sentences: Subject+Verb to be + going + infinitive + complement+ QM

1.3. I'm going to play handball. I'm not going to play handball. Am I going to play handball?

2. will

2.1. We used it in Decisions at the moment, Promeses and Predictions with no evidence.

2.2. FORM: Afirmative sentences: Subject + will + Verb + complement. Negative sentences:  Subject + will + Verb + negative auxiliary + complement. Interrogative sentences: Subject + will + Verb + complement + QM.

2.3. We will go there the day after tomorrow. I won't sleep tonight. Will you take me with you?

3. Simple present

3.1. We used it in Schedule activities and time tables

3.2. FORM: Afirmative sentences: Subject + verb to be + complement . negative sentences: subject + auxiliary verb  +  negative auxiliary (“not”) + verb. Interrogative Sentences:  auxiliary verb  (to do) + subject+ verb + QM.

3.3. He eats bread. He doesn’t eat bread. Does he eat bread?

4. Present continuous

4.1. We used it in fixed plans, Appointments and Formal events.

4.2. FORM:  Affirmative Sentences: Subject + auxiliary verb (to be) + gerund + complement. Negative sentences: Subject+ auxiliary verb (to be) + auxiliary negative (not) + gerund+ complement. Interrogative Sentences: auxiliary verb (to be) + subject + gerund?

4.3. They’re learning spanish . I’m not talking with you .Are they learning?. He’s eating at the moment.