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1. GOING TO The use of "going to" to refer to future events suggests a very strong link with the present.

1.1. Sujeto+ verb to be+verb+Complement

1.1.1. EXAMPLE: - He's going to be a brilliant politician. -I'm going to have a hard time falling asleep. -She is going to leave.

2. FUTURE:Will It is used to discuss future predictions based on things that are not so obvious

3. EXAMPLE: -I think the weather will be great this summer -I promise I will go to the party - I will help you with your homework

4. PRESENT CONTINUOS   We use the present continuous with future value for plans that have already been organized, fixed plans.

4.1. EJEMPLOS - We're coming back tomorrow. -I'm getting my hair cut today. -We're staying until Monday.

5. Presente Simple The simple present is used for the future when it comes to activities that are already planned.

5.1. EJEMPLOS - - -