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1. Native American Literature

1.1. Characteristics of Native American Literature

1.1.1. Oration between elders and the new generation was the most effective way of sharing history through stories

1.1.2. Many legends involve Balance (4) among all things, creation, and various entertainment and teaching lessons stories

1.1.3. Coyote: Trickster/Liar...... Spiders: Wise/Female Grandmother....... Turtle: Protection/ strength/ land and water.......Hawk: Land and air...... Eagle: Land and air..... Mole: Grounded/ level-headed, can show you the underworld which isn't exactly a bad place just where you go after death.

1.2. Song Of the Sky Loom

1.2.1. Singing thanks to mother earth and father sky

1.2.2. Appreciative of a good day

1.2.3. A prayer

1.3. Walam Olum

1.3.1. A snake flooded the land

1.3.2. Documented through pictures

1.3.3. Lenape Native American Tribe

1.4. Navajo Origin Legend

1.4.1. From the Navajo People

1.4.2. Creation story

1.4.3. Based off of four gods and the first people coming from corn

1.5. All the ones with Kill in its name

1.5.1. I Went to Kill a Deer The circle of life

1.5.2. I Have Killed the Deer Represents the importance of animals to humans

1.5.3. I Kill Her Enemies All about protecting the tribe

1.6. Prayer at Sunrise

1.6.1. Praying to the sun

1.6.2. Asking for joy an courage

1.6.3. Asking for things that they need to survive

1.7. The world on a Turtles back

1.7.1. "Alice and Wonderland" of legends

1.7.2. Major concept of balance

1.7.3. Creation story similar to Adam and Eve

2. Puritan Literature

2.1. Puritans Vs Pilgrims

2.1.1. Pilgrims; Seperatists Named by William Bradford Predominately Christian Settled in communities such as Jamestown

2.1.2. Puritan; Loyalists Came to the Americas because of God Blamed all misfortune on the Devil Responsible for witch trials

2.2. Edward Taylor

2.2.1. Huswifery In this poem a person describes being with god in relation to housewife like tasks For this time period it was typical that these chores were done by women Edward Taylor uses diction to describe heaven as a wonderful place.

2.2.2. Upon a Spider Catching A Fly This poem begins with a parable with three characters, the fly, the wasp, and  the spider The fly represents a person without god, the wasp represents the person with god which is threatening to the spider because the spider represents the devil. The poem ends by stating only god can break the cords which the devil has used to ensnare its victims.

2.3. John Smith

2.3.1. Generalle Historie of Virginia This was a best selling book John Smith wrote to impress people and to show them what life was like in the colonies It had detailed drawings, maps and tales of the indians in the Americas. John Smith helped the colony of Jamestown survive. (105 members)

2.4. William Bradford

2.4.1. Gave the pilgrims the name "Pilgrims"

2.4.2. He intended to land at Virginia but actually landed at Cape Cod

2.4.3. When they were about to dock his wife jumped ship and drowned

2.4.4. He was part of writing the Mayflower Compact and was re-elected as the Governor of Plymouth 30 times.

2.4.5. Wrote "Of the Plymouth Plantation"

2.5. Anne Bradstreet

2.5.1. To My dear and Loving Husband This Rhyme Scheme is AA BB CC DD and so on down the alphabet creating a rhythm. Used anaphora in first three lines The deeper meaning of the poem is that love is a transaction. This makes me like this poem more than all the others

2.5.2. Upon the Burning Of Our House The Rhyme scheme is AA BB CC DD and so on down the alphabet Change in tone from talking about the burning house to God's house which can never be burnt and is eternal The poem is about two very different houses

2.5.3. Author to Her Book In this poem she used the metaphysical conceit of comparing the book to an orphaned child Her book was stolen and published by her cousin The diction suggests that she wasn't confident in her work

2.5.4. 1st ever Published American, a living irony "Puritan Feminist"

2.6. Jonathan Edwards

2.6.1. Viewed god as wrathful and distant

2.6.2. People are Evil

2.6.3. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God was his major work.

2.7. Cotton Mather

2.7.1. The Wonders of the Invisible World Enchantments Encountered, the Author's Defense, Bridget Bishop This was a huge insight into puritan ideals. They were so caught up in the idea of witches that they sent innocent people to their deaths. Even the author was scared of the devil coming to take him because of what he was writing about it was interesting.

3. Conceits

3.1. Conceits are extended metaphors often used as a method of comparison.

3.1.1. Metaphisical God Love Death

3.1.2. Petrarchan Shakespeare Paradox Oxymoron