Eagle's Nest

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Eagle's Nest by Mind Map: Eagle's Nest

1. Roles/Tasks

1.1. Admin/Finance

1.2. Marketing

1.2.1. Web/Online Team

1.2.2. Content/Events

1.3. Marketing Communications

1.3.1. Facebook Posting Guidelines Disclaimer (do's and don't)

1.3.2. Email Egroup management

1.3.3. Text

1.4. Logistics

1.5. Policies/Guidelines

1.6. Membership

1.6.1. Recruitment

1.6.2. Member Relations/Network Mgmt

1.6.3. Database Management

1.7. Fund Raising

2. Vision and Mission

2.1. Graduate community

2.1.1. Education Peace of Mind square

2.1.2. Support group / Community

2.1.3. Network

2.2. Marketing for PSI

2.2.1. Market the PSI lifestyle

2.2.2. To enroll for higher level seminar

3. non-profit non PSI

4. EVENTS (need to differentiate between Major and Minor)

4.1. Type of Event as to Frequency

4.1.1. Major Events Fund Raising Events i.e. musicals/concerts/movie premiers Seminar on Self-Improvement Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Building One's Self Confidence Medical/Dental Missions Financial Stewardship and Wellness MMI Pilipinas - Money Blueprint/Wealth Management Seminars Stocks 101/How to invest in stocks/funds/etc. Travel and Discovery Travel Club with "Environmental Goal" partner with WWF, Haribon, etc. Travel Club R/R with Contribution/Community Goal PSI BASIC for Others PSI BASIC for Public School Teachers/Public Servants like Cops PSI BASIC for Household Helps

4.1.2. Minor Events Date Night with Mentors Book Club PSI Runner's Club Yoga Class Voice/Singing Lessons Spanish and French Class Movie Night Dance Club Arts and Craft for Kids/Adults Photography Club Aikido Class Meditation Class Food /Wine Tasting Club or Class Cashflow Game

4.2. Type of Event as to Content

4.2.1. Spiritual / Soul Series

4.2.2. Physical / Body Series

4.2.3. Mental / Mind Series

4.2.4. Emotional / Heart Series

5. Officers

5.1. Positions

5.1.1. Overall Coordinator

5.1.2. Task Coordinators (see roles above)

5.1.3. Admin/Finance Coordinator

6. Membership Card/Discount card

6.1. Merchant Acquisition/Merchant Relations

6.2. Discount Card Marketing