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Marriage by Mind Map: Marriage

1. who has to work in the family?

2. love or signature in the passport

3. why taxes gets higher for married couples? (Germany)

4. who has to keep the household?

5. Women want a career first than a kid. Does it affect the marriage?

6. early marriage or later? (18-25 or after 40?)

7. kids in marriage or who cares?

8. kids or puppies?

9. eat out or wife cooking at home every single day?

10. family dinners a daily custom

11. cheating for man and woman in the family is it equal for each of them?

12. who is first in the family?

13. Marriage or being single whole your life?

14. Marriage - important or not?

15. Is it fun to be married?

16. Marriage because you are so bored in life!

17. Marriage, because all your friends are already married

18. Marriage just because everybody does

19. Marriage is a big commitment in life

20. It is LoVe

21. true or false?

22. Life journey

23. international marriage

24. national marriage

25. kids after marriage

26. no sex before marriage

27. oficial or not?

28. Marriage is a respect of two

29. Marriage is a care and look after each other

30. Marriage is a dream of every girl

31. Men get married 'cause they need a new mummy?

32. Marriage is just begging of the life journey or its end?

33. Marriage is a goal of everyone?

34. Whose word is first in the family?

35. Marriage finishes your freedom?

36. The life ends with marriage?

37. Being free hearts in marriage is it possible?

38. People with same interests only can be happy in marriage?

39. Only really different people will be happy in marriage like two magnets which can't exist without each other

40. Marriage and Business?

41. Marriage is the next step of life!

42. Marriage because of your dad wants so

43. Marriage because you feel lonely!