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Judaism by Mind Map: Judaism

1. God created the universe with no help

2. Origin/Founder

2.1. The Origin of Judaism is modern day Israel then known as Canaan.

2.2. The founder of the religion is Abraham

3. Sacred Texts

3.1. The Torah

3.2. Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures)

3.3. Talmud

4. Where did it Spread and Why

4.1. Judaism spread to Europe and to the United States and to a small part of Southern Africa

4.2. Judaism mostly spread due to several instances of historical exile, For example in 70 C.E. it was spread due to the Romans making them move from their homeland.

5. Judaism Video

6. Core Beliefs of the Faith

6.1. There is only one God

6.2. There are no other gods

7. Religious Artifact

8. Spread of Judaism

9. Religious Art

10. Political and Social Impact

10.1. Judaism introduced the idea of monotheism, or the belief in only one God, about 3,500 years ago

10.2. The Jewish people also had the idea that God created the universe and everyone in it was made in his image