Absolute Monarchs

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Absolute Monarchs by Mind Map: Absolute Monarchs

1. Henry IV

1.1. Hailed from House of Bourbon as King of France

1.2. Initially Protestant; fought against Catholic League

1.3. Abjured Calvinist faith to keep peace

1.4. Created "Edict of Nantes" (Ended French Wars of Religion)

1.5. Assassinated by Catholic Radical (1610)

1.6. Became popular after death ("Good King Henry")

2. Louis XIII

2.1. Successor to Henry IV (1610)

2.2. Mother (Marie de' Medici) mismanaged kingdom while acting as regent

2.2.1. Loius exiles her and her followers

2.2.2. Loius Regains control

2.3. Relied heavily on his ministers (Read: Cabinet)

2.4. Ended French Revolution of the Nobles

2.5. Died 1643 fighting against Spanish Hapsburgs

3. Louis XIV

3.1. Successor to Loius XIII

3.2. Continued work of Predecessors to create centralized state

3.3. Creates Palace of Versailles

3.3.1. Kept nobility here, occupied

3.3.2. Nobility gradually lost power here

4. French Absolutism

5. Spanish Absolutism

5.1. Philip II

5.1.1. Son of Charles V

5.1.2. Inherited Spanish Hapsburg Empire

5.1.3. Riches from colonies made him able to bribe his court (Absolute Monarch)

5.1.4. Defended Catholicism and aimed to spread it over Europe

6. English Absolutism

6.1. Tudor Family

6.1.1. Consisted of Queen Elizabeth I, James I and II, Charles I and II

6.1.2. Ruled England with an iron fist

6.1.3. Constantly argued with Parliament

6.1.4. Eventually the Glorious Revolution installs William and Mary of the Netherlands as monarchs under limited rule by Parliament

7. Russian Absolutism

7.1. Ivan the Terrible

7.1.1. First ruler crowned as Czar

7.1.2. Created Oprichnina territory where he ruled alone without nobility

7.1.3. Eventually controlled all of Russia's economy; there was no merchant class