Chinese Cinderella

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Chinese Cinderella by Mind Map: Chinese Cinderella

1. Genre

1.1. Auto biography

2. Plot

2.1. Adeline's cruel family considers her as bad luck since she caused her mother's death in child birth and they don't pay attention to her throughout her early childhood. This is the story of her struggle for acceptance and how she overcomes the odds to prove her worth.

3. Characters

3.1. Niang (Jeanne Virginie Properi)

3.2. Adeline (Wu Mei/Jun-Ling)

3.3. Father (Joseph Yen)

3.4. Yeye

3.5. Aunt Baba

3.6. Bigsister (Lydia)

3.7. Big brother (Gregory)

3.8. Nai Nai

3.9. Second Brother (Edgar)

3.10. Third brother (James)

3.11. Fourth brother (Franklin)

3.12. Little sister (Susan)

4. Siblings

4.1. Big sister (Lydia)

4.2. Big brother (Gregory)

4.3. Second brother (Edgar)

4.4. Third brother (James)

4.5. Fourth brother (Franklin)

4.6. Little sister (Susan)

5. Setting

5.1. Adeline is describing her experiences during the second World War.

5.2. Hong kong

5.3. Shang hai

5.4. Tianjin

6. Adeline Yen Mah

6.1. Adeline is an out cast in the eyes of much their family, since her birth brought upon the death of her mother. Her inadvertent role in her mother's passing causes animosity between her and her older siblings and contributes to her father's apathy to wards her.

6.2. Adeline is the fifth youngest of the Yen family and the protagonist of the novel.

7. Early tradition's

7.1. In china when the mother's die during time of birth of child is a symbolize of bad luck

7.2. The females was given a metal shoe in their teenage year to prevent the grow of their foot. In china small foot is symbolize beauty and harmony