GPS Walking Canes

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GPS Walking Canes by Mind Map: GPS Walking Canes

1. Sources



2. Mission

2.1. Create peace of mind to friend and family

2.1.1. Less worry

2.2. Benefits Health

2.2.1. Walking increase heart rate which will improve health

2.2.2. Exercise

2.3. Improve mental health

2.3.1. disability and seniors are able to get to where they want without family helps. They would feel like they are capable of doing this.

2.4. Warn relative and family of potentially dangerous situation.

2.4.1. Heart Attack

2.4.2. Fainting

2.4.3. May be harm by people

3. What is consist of?

3.1. GPS technology

3.2. Health monitoring sensors

3.3. Alzheimer people

3.4. Bluetooth

3.5. wireless

3.6. Wireless connectivity

3.7. mini LCD screen

3.8. Vibrating Function

3.9. Voice to guide direction (optional)

4. Target Groups

4.1. Seniors

4.2. Disability people

4.2.1. Blind people

4.3. hikers

4.3.1. hilkers, GPS walking cane would help them guide ways.