Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking by Mind Map: Human Trafficking

1. Cultural Beliefs

1.1. Prostitution isn't something to be proud of , it's frowned upon.

1.1.1. You'll be looked at differently and it'll be hard to find a good man if your reputation is known.

2. Cultural Biases

2.1. If you sell your body in any type of way , you have no morals.

2.1.1. It's the worst way to ever make a living.

3. Social Roles

3.1. "Pimp " : "predator"

3.1.1. Innocent Female : "prey "

4. Social Inequalities

4.1. Their social class makes them easier to pick ,

4.1.1. The more poor you are , the better

5. Social Conditions

5.1. Unemployment

5.1.1. Crime Rate